Tinder profile creation tips, double up your matches.

tinder profile creation tips

Tinder profile creation is easy but a really challenging task . your profile  act up as an mirror which reflect everything about you to person sitting and swiping.

It all depends upon how you have created your profile to get match as we all know that we all are strangers on Tinder so here our profile act up as an mirror which reflects everything about us so we needs to set up our profile properly so that it makes an great impact on the gentleman or lady sitting on the other hand and making up swipe

Do you have no idea of how to create an attractive dating profile?

Are you new or old to Tinder  bumble or online dating ?

Are you having a difficult time attracting a match of your choice?

If so, this guide can help you.

You must have a certain amount of detail in your profile. You must discover the pictures that can give you the perfect date. Also, you will get a date without any problem. You can use the following tips to attract and get a match in few days.


Your profile picture should stand out. Take them in an exciting environment. Probably when you went on a trip, or when you were on a boat or were at a party somewhere. The environment will bring your photo to life, so use it to your advantage.

Use attractive Tinder bio lines

To bag your perfect Tinder date, you need to sell yourself correctly. You need to approach your Tinder Bio like you might approach a Profile Picture.


About 70% of your profile should talk about you, but you do not have to include tons of memories. Your Tinder profile should be about you, but you should get recommendations on what you should put in your profile to help others know exactly what you are looking for in a good match. According to specialists, a batter profile has a ratio of 70/30. However, 70% of your profile should represent yourself, and the rest should describe the type of match you are looking for.



A picture is worth a thousand words, right? The same applies to your choice of photos. Instead of writing about your favorite hobbies, include a photo you when you go skating, swimming, or enjoying any of your hobbies.


You must stand out from the beginning on Tinder. Just sending a message that says “Hey, I saw your profile, what’s up?” will hardly get you a response from your match who has received a few dozen replies. Direct the message to include information relevant to your profile and give it a little personality. This may require some practice, so spend some time working on this initial greeting.

Use an Amazing tinder icebreakers

It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a hookup and nothing serious or you’re crazy about the idea of finding with someone to start a long relationship, Tinder messages will help you to get everything you want!

As corny as people think pick up lines are, Tinder users examine the creative pick up lines. Make them good and use them to start a conversation. Do not trust them though. Sometimes your match will not get the pickup lines.


Once you match with someone, respond to them as soon as possible. It will not seem desperate. It will be a move of boldness and confidence.


It’s very crucial to be yourself on Tinder because it’s ultimately the person a potential partner will meet. But do not be afraid to be the “interesting” version of yourself. For example, A shy person should not portray themselves as someone who is not, or as one who likes to party.  But he can say to someone, “I do not always share my opinions when I’m in a group, but one-on-one I have a lot to say a lot” or “Groups makes me nervous. “

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